Working with Liz Bradford

Beginners and All Levels

  • Assess your fitness level with a complete fitness evaluation
  • Develop an effective program to meet your specific needs
  • Set realistic goals to achieve desired results
  • Build your confidence and comfort level with exercise
  • Learn proper form and technique for optimal results during strength training and stretching
  • Maximize your cardiovascular workouts

Experienced Exercisers

  • Avoid hitting a plateau by learning new and challenging workouts
  • Add variety to avoid boredom by receiveing instruction on new and challenging exercises
  • Expand your workouts to include PILATES, stability training, agility and coordination training, active isolated stretching, and more
  • Continue to get stronger, more flexible, more fit and reach your goals


  • Learn sport specific exercises to improve your performance
  • Train more wisely for an upcoming event
  • Take your program to the next level
  • Avoid injuries

Liz is also a certified personal trainer at Foreside Fitness & Tennis on Route One in Falmouth and will train there on request.

“I am not a natural exerciser and have always forced myself to do it for weight control. Working with Liz, I have evolved into a person who looks forward to and enjoys exercise for the benefits beyond burning calories. Through Liz’s guidance, I feel stronger and happier now that I have incorporated exercise into my weekly routine.” – Barbara S.

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