View a testimonial from one of Enerjoy’s long-standing clients.

“If I hadn’t been working with Liz all these years I know I wouldn’t have bounced back so quickly after my knee surgery. My doctor was amazed. Liz gave me confidence to push myself without injury.”
– Debby M.

“Liz has been wonderfully supportive in my efforts to refine my workouts to maximize my health. She adapts the workouts to the different stages brought about by my goals, which have evolved from health reasons. Her boundless energy and helpful guidance along the way have enabled me to have success throughout the time that we have trained together.”
– Sam P.

“As someone with many musculo-skeletal difficulties, I rely on Liz to keep me moving! She encourages me to strengthen those body parts that work, and she finds creative ways to help me maintain those that don’t work. Perhaps most important, she never gives up – so neither do I!”
– Diane H.

“Liz teaches classes with all levels of experience and flexibility and she is still able to make sure everyone gets a good workout. More importantly, I really trust Liz. She is extremely concerned that everyone is in the right positions not only so we don’t get injured but that we get the most out of every move. Liz also has a nice combination of positive energy and relaxing techniques which makes exercising with her enjoyable.”
– Linda M.

“I signed up for the YOGA-LATES class on a whim back in August 2004. Not being one that enjoys organized exercise, I had heard that Pilates was very good for you and the addition of the Yoga sounded intriguing. After the first class I felt wonderful. I could feel my stomach and leg muscles, but it was a good feeling. It was the kind of feeling that says “let’s do this again” and I have done just that. I now take two classes per week and would like to fit in a third in the future. The exercises do not hurt, they are not high impact aerobics, rather they help your body remember the flexibility it had when it was younger. As I age my body is changing and taking these classes is my way of helping make the aging process be a bit less drastic. Liz varies the type of exercises so that you never have the same routine. She also provides extra information about the exercise, its purpose, and benefits for you. I admire her genuinely positive outlook and gentle spirit.”
– Nancy H.

“I have always considered myself a healthy and fit person but as I have gotten older, I have noticed that I am not as flexible nor am I as toned as I once was. I sit at a desk all day for my job and I was noticing my energy level slowly declining. I have always been interested in yoga so I thought I would give YOGA-LATES a try. After my first couple of sessions, I was hooked and even added a second day to my weekly routine. Liz’s routine keeps you going throughout the entire class and Liz’s approach is very welcoming. You don’t have to be an expert in yoga or Pilates. Liz brings you along at your own speed. My energy has increased as well as my flexibility. I recently joined a Mom’s hockey team and the difference in my skating is very noticeable. I know that Liz’s class will be a permanent part of my weekly exercise routine for some time to come.”
– Karen M.

“I appreciate Liz’s method of teaching…even if you have been attending for a while she makes each class unique by focusing on different areas each time.”
– Terry B.

“I first met Liz through the Falmouth Community Programs. I was eager to improve my fitness level, learn a new exercise, and meet members of my community. The classes are a lot of fun and challenging. Liz and Patty have created choreography that challenges newcomers and those who have been taking step for some time. I began working with Liz as my personal trainer to further increase my fitness level. We began working together in her studio and through wooded trails in Falmouth. To me, it was the perfect way to end my work week. I have never been a runner and Liz challenged me to run on the trails. She has helped me explore different types of exercise such as snowshoeing, strength training, Pilates, and yoga through one-on-one training and small group classes in her studio. Liz has helped me make exercising an important part of my day. I would encourage anyone who is interested in becoming more active to work with Liz either one on one, in small group classes, or through the Community Programs. You will be glad you did, I know I am!!”
– Eileen N.

“I’ve been Liz Bradford’s client since 1993 when my doctor recommended strength training for shoulder pain. My shoulder pain is long gone, I’m no longer taking Celebrex, my flexibility and aerobic capacity have improved and the shape and tone of my reconstructive surgery after bilateral mastectomy improved dramatically. Whether it’s aerobics, strength training or YOGA-LATES, Liz is extremely knowledgeable and innovative. I’m never sore the next day. Her ever-changing routines, accompanying music and soothing surroundings make each session fun, productive and never boring. She’s my coach; she’s the best!”
– Anne G.

“Coming to class with an experienced instructor who ‘mixes it up’ and adapts to my individual needs is much better than when I work out alone. I feel like I’m more challenged and learn things I can apply to my own workouts.”
– Shelly P.

“I work in a very high-paced, stressful environment and maintain very long work weeks. My hour at Enerjoy is the stress release that I look forward to each week. It is the one personal event that I commit to each week and do not cancel. Working out in Liz’s studio, gives me a break from my reality and I leave feeling relaxed and reenergized! Each YOGA-LATES class is different and never the same routine. Liz’s instruction keeps us continuing to strive towards improvement, but allows us to work at our own level. We also have the added benefit of a great musical selection to enhance our YOGA-LATES experience. Liz, thanks for your great instruction and helping to set me on the pace to a healthy, fit, and more relaxing lifestyle!”
– Jennifer L.

“Reasons why going to Enerjoy is good for me:
1. Having a scheduled time with Liz makes me get there and do it
2. Liz makes me work harder than if I were on my own, so I get more out of the session
3. I have an exercise routine tailored to the particular needs of my own body
4. It didn’t happen overnight, but consistently doing a workout routine has made me much stronger and helped with weight
5. Now that I am stronger, my muscles don’t complain as much when I garden, play tennis, ride my bike, etc.”
– Diane H.

“What I like about Liz is that she makes every workout different, challenging and fun. Her creativity in designing exercises keeps things fresh so I always feel like I’m reaching new and higher levels of fitness.”
– Sarah S.