Some parents are concerned about starting their children in a strength training program – and rightfully so! Experts and research now show that strength training for children can be safe and appropriate when it is supervised, and age-appropriate. Click here to learn more. Liz Bradford’s degree in Special Education from UCONN and personal training experience allow her to tailor an exercise program and specifically address her clients’ needs. Training services begin with a Health and Fitness Assessment to establish a baseline, and a discussion with each client about their goals, motivations, and health.

She then creates an exercise program that takes into account specific goals, time available to train, and your preferred site for training. Liz has trained clients in their homes, offices, outdoors, or private studio – no membership required. Training sessions are one hour, or any portion
of one hour.


Games Galore

Children will spend the afternoon improving their fitness levels, self-esteem and group cooperation. Emphasis is on FUN and participation, creativity, and cooperation. Sneakers and comfortable, loose clothing are required. Please send a healthy snack.

Games Galore is currently being offered through Falmouth Community Programs,
click here for dates and times

Games, Games, Games

Don’t let your child miss out on this opportunity for after school fun and exercise. In line with First Lady Obama’s “Let’s Move” initiative to help fight childhood obesity, these new, structured games give children the chance to be cooperative and creative in a positive environment. While having fun they learn new skills, enhance their physical fitness, and make new friends. Your child will thank you for adding this to their Thursday.

Games, Games, Games is currently being offered through Falmouth Community Programs, click here for dates and times.

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